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Hangzhou Hengte Electric Co., Ltd.

LED bulbs, LED downlights, LED ceiling lights, LED troffers, LED panel lights, LED vanity fixtures, LED wall packs, L...

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  • Phone: +86 571-61105665
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    No.35 Yangshan Road, Gaohong Industrial Zone, Linan, Zhejiang, China
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Company Profile
Hangzhou Hengte Electric Co., Ltd., a company closely associated with Hangzhou Li-Tech Holding Co., Ltd., is an established contract lighting manufacturer that delivers OEM/ODM services with products ranging from light bulbs to light fixtures and lighting technology spanning across CFL lighting to LED lighting. Since 2000, Hengte has been utilizing its profound engineering expertise and product knowledge, best practices in manufacturing and fabrication, and state-of-the-art inspection equipment to ensure reliable and cost-effective contract manufacturing services.

Located in Lin'an, Hangzhou, Hengte Electric has been facing huge competition from other manufacturers crowded in this region. Starting from the assembly business of CFL bulbs, Hengte Electric has been dedicated to improving its capabilities in cost management through technological advancement and labor optimization (which is important in such a labor-intensive industry. Hengte delivers value by equipping itself with the right processes to achieve excellence. The company designs, engineers and manufactures all of its lighting products to the highest standard of cost competitiveness, performance, reliability and efficiency.

Hengte has many years of experience in virtually all facets of developing products for mass-market production. The evolution to LED lighting continues the company's deep practical understanding of the industry and technology. The never-ending quest for excellence in providing most competitive OEM/ODM solutions yields an impressive breadth and depth of engineering talents and manufacturing efficiency, reflected in Hengte's broad portfolio of LED lighting products. These products include LED bulbs, LED downlights, LED ceiling lights, LED troffers, LED panel lights, LED vanity fixtures, LED wall packs, LED area lights, motion sensor LED security lights, and LED retrofit luminaires, etc. Nevertheless, the company's key competence lies in its light bulb manufacturing capabilities which are accumulated since its establishment. Among Hengte's price-competitive LED bulbs are dimmable A-line bulbs, BR reflector bulbs, PAR bulbs, LED filament bulbs, and GU10 bulbs.

Hengte Electric holds diversified certifications and qualifications, including UL, ETL, DLC, Lighting Facts, Energy Star, FCC, Title 24, CE, KS, CB, and KETI. By meeting a wide range of applicable local market standards worldwide, Hengte has developed into a vertically integrated manufacturing company with a global presence.
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